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topics in order to make it
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Well-integrated professionals are an added
value and profitable for companies.

Intercultural diversity is already a
matter of course in many companies
today. We accompany academic
professionals even before their
assignment in order to ensure
professional and social integration.
Well-integrated specialists are also a
guarantee for your company’s

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In order to facilitate integration in Germany, World Of Careers offers a
relocation or welcome service to professionals from other European countries.
This service includes all necessary measures that contribute to successful
integration. In doing so, an employee supports the “newcomer” in the local
language and accompanies him to all courses in everyday life. This increases
motivation or reduces the inhibition threshold of the skilled worker to take on a
new challenge in a new country. In this way, the skilled person can get involved
much more quickly in the company and in society and does not have the feeling
of being left alone with it.

Care by employees in their mother tongue

Support in finding housing

Mediation of international relocation companies

Accompaniment to offices (registered persons office, family cash register…


Language teaching in operation or leisure

Support in the search for kindergartens and schools

Social contacts for integration e.g. clubs

Appointment service e.g. doctor’s appointment

Support in the visa process

Support for all necessary documents

Help with the EU Blue Card scheme

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