Are you looking for a job in Germany?

With Innovative Ideas, help shape the future Metropolitan

With Innovative Ideas, help shape
the future in the Karlsruhe Economic
Metropolitan Region! If you want to
reorientate yourself and look for a
new challenge, we are the ideal
partner for you. We support you in all
topics surrounding your application
and placement of a permanent
position in Germany We support you
in all topics relating to your
application and mediation of
permanent employment in Germany.

Our success is to connect the right people with the right companies. Seeking and finding a new challenge in another country can be a difficult andnerve-wracking affair. Based on our professional and lived company guidelines,we have set ourselves the goal of making this process as easy as possible for you. Our range of services is as diverse as the demands you place on us.

For us, personal and trusting contact is in the foreground in order to find the best solution for you together. We not only connect you with the right employer, but also support you and your families with our special welcome service in their integration in Germany. Our Welcome Service includes all the necessary measures that contribute to a successful integration.


We support you in your search for the ideal specialist

This service includes all necessary measures that contribute to successful
integration. This increases the motivation and only then can the specialist
contribute much faster to the operation and create added value.

A national and, above all, international network in our core areas distinguishes
us. We are in close contact with the best candidates so that we can react
quickly and competently to your vacancy. Only when you are satisfied, do we feel
we have done a good job. At World Of Careers, we make every effort to ensure
that our clients are well looked after and advised.

We always try to find tailor-made models for every individual requirement.


Friendly and trustworthy contact with you is our priority. We look forward to you and therefore to the people. You should also get the opportunity to get to know us and the people behind WOC.


Your needs and requirements are at the forefront of our minds. In order to offer you individual and tailor-made solutions, we need to understand you and your needs.


Review and optimization of your application documents.


Our offer is aimed exclusively at your requirements. You have the right choice.


Support in the application process.


Selection process during initial discussions.


Support in the contractual system.

Frequently asked questions
for workers!

I have been contacted by you about a job offer. What happens now?

If we have contacted you through a network or your current job, you are a potential candidate for a current and vacant position that we would like to fill. Of course, we don't know you yet and often only know the key data of your professional career. We will therefore arrange a virtual or personal meeting with you if you are still interested. During this conversation, you and we have the opportunity to find out whether we can accompany you on your professional path.

Do you have conversations by phone / Skype or is a personal meeting possible or necessary?

In principle, a personal meeting is not yet necessary for an initial interview. If necessary, we will also be happy to come to you for a personal discussion.

Can I be sure that my job search is treated discretely?

Of course we treat all your data with absolute confidentiality. We recommend a potential new employer only after personal discussions with you and only with your express consent.

Are there any agency fees?

No, there are no costs for you. We receive our fees from the companies that want to fill a new position and have commissioned us with the search.

What language should the application be in?

We consider your application in both your mother tongue and in English. However, we prefer to do the applications in English.

What documents do I have to add to my application?

We kindly ask you to include a current curriculum vitae and relevant evidence (university degrees, further training, job references, internships, etc.).

Can I send you a speculative application?

You can submit a speculative application at any time using our "APPLY NOW" button. Here you will be contacted by us within 48 hours.

In which regions are the companies located?

As a rule, most of our clients come from the Karlsruhe district in Germany. Karlsruhe is economically and innovatively one of the strongest regions in Europe. In addition, the region has a good attitude towards life that is unparalleled in Germany.

Do I need a current work permit?

No. All citizens of the Union enjoy the right to free movement within the European Union. This includes free entry, free residence, free right to live, free choice of study and work place and freedom of establishment.

Who pays for your Welcome Service?

Usually companies do this. However, this has to be discussed individually with the respective client.

Can I only use the Welcome Service without mediation?

Yes, the services of our Welcome Service can be used independently of the other services.